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  • Ongoing Projects are

    * Spatiotemporal Intelligent Middleware for Security [NRF]



  • Completed Projects are

    * WSN based IoT Security System [NRF] (2018.06 - 2021.05)

    * Distributed simulation for security of the next generation mobile network [NRF] (2015.11 - 2018.10)

    * Development of Context Aware Architecture based Secure WSN System [NRF] (2013.06 - 2016.05)

    * Implementation of Library Models for the Sensor Network Security and an Efficient Distributed Simulation Environment [NRF] (2010.5 ~ 2013.4)

    * Distributed Modeling Simulation Environment [ETRI] (2010. 9 - 2013.2)

    * Development of a Hybrid Secure-Routing Simulator for Ubiquitous Sensor Networks [KRF] (2010. 4)

    * USN Security Software System for Simultaneous Multiple Attacks [KRF] (2009.10)

    * The Next Generation Technology for Authentication and Data Access Control for Ubiquitous Sensor Network (USN) [ITRC] (2008.12)

    * Graphic Planning Environment (2006.12)

    * Modeling and Simulation of Distributed Intrusion Detection and Management with the Application of Contract Net [IITA]

    * Development of Authentication Technology for Promoting Electronic Commerce [ITRC]

    * Knowledge Based Modeling and Simulation of Network Security [KOSEF]

    * A Study on Development of Information Systems Security [BK21]

    * Development of Information and communication infrastructure simulation environment

    (Modeling and Simulation of Network Security Components) [KISA]

    * Distributed Simulation of Intelligent Transportation System

    * Grating Process Scheduling System

    * Hierarchical Animation Environment for Simulation Display

    * Discrete Event Simulation with Embedded Distributed Expert System Environment :

    Application to Manufacturing Process Monitoring and Disagosis

    * An Application of the Blackboard Architecture for the collaboration among heterogeneous software systems

    * Simulation Modeling of Semiconductor's production-line and Construction of Knowledge base


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